Gerrit & Tammy | Engagement Shoot | Spice Route

 Gerrit and Tamsyn are such a cool couple! It’s the first time in my career that a couple requested an engagement shoot which were to be totally spontaneous and unposed, they decided that the Spice Route experience would be the perfect place to capture their love for one another and that I can document what they love doing together!

 We started off at the chocolate pairing, where they tasted all kinds of exotic dark chocolate and learned where the cocoa beans came from and how it’s been grown and processed to give the distinct flavours of each kind, next up we went over to the delicious coffee section where they enjoyed a Mocha Choca and rich espresso… ahhh the aroma’s were amazing!

While they enjoyed all the exquisite decadents which the Spice Route has to offer, I secretly took pictures to capture them in the moment, once in a while they would look up and smile at me, showing me their cups, Tammy putting on some lip stick and making ready for the next stop…

Our last stop was at the Spice Route Restaurant, where Gerrit and Tamsyn enjoyed the food and wine pairing. This were an absolute amazing experience and I can recommend this treat outing to everyone who loves food, wine, chocolate, coffee, beer, biltong, the outdoors. And that is still not everything!! The Pizzeria and distillery are also a must visit and I just fell in love with the place, the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

I am very excited to share their engagement shoot with you and cannot wait to capture more great memories on their wedding day next year March 2014. xx


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