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Celesté Prince
As a creative lifestyle photographer, I aim to capture every detail, emotion and unplanned special moments as they unfold. With a rustic touch and modern flair, I put all my love and effort into making images, a beautiful memento that you may cherish forever! My passion for people, art and photography has lead me to combine everything into something delightful and exclusive!

 I'm a really down to earth person, who lives for creativity and to share it with everyone around me. i enjoy a good laugh, love nature, picturesque towns with lots of antique shops, interesting people and a relaxed atmosphere.

Elite Wedding Photography - Top 3 Finalist in both the Peers and People's choice for the 2015 Top Vendor Wedding Awards

Passionate about people and photography, my style reflects my personality and I just absolutely love what I do!! To me, its all about YOU and how I see beauty in everything. The light the love the moments shared ~ Afterall, that's what the word Aglow means!
There is just something so magical and pure about two people in love that makes my heart skip a beat, every single time! and that...right there...is why I do what I do!!
I grew up only dreaming of one day becoming a full time wedding photographer, an inspiration to others and to embrace the power of photography and technology! But, staying goal driven and working hard I can finally say that that dream is so alive and vivid that its truly mind-blowing of how amazing my journey has been up until now and I am so excited for what the future holds.

I am Celesté Prince and I am Aglow Photography.
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