atFrits 5 Star Dog Hotel | Cape Town

Come On in and see Doggy HEAVEN!!!

Following the successful launch of the @Frits clothing label in June this year, our top dog, Frits Smit (aka Dogald Trump), announced that Cape Town’s first-ever five-star dog hotel, @Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare, will be opening soon. That’s right: As of 1 December 2015, our four-legged friends will be able to rest their weary paws in style while on the road with their humans. Frits’s human and founder of @Frits, Yanic Smit, says, “Frits and I don’t do well when we are apart, and that is why we decided to open @Frits Dog Hotel. I want to be able to take my beloved Frits to a care facility where I know he will be well looked after and treated with the same care and love as he is at home. A few years later, and voila: @Frits Dog Hotel is now a reality.”

It was so much fun to shoot the opening of this special Doggy Hotel, If you're in Cape Town and want to pop in and have a look for yourself, @Frits is situated in 121 Castle Street, Cape Town 8000 /
Tel: 021 422  2175
Mobile: 073 198 1956

Co-Ordinated by Karla, Woudé & Maya from Absolute Collection ( you're a ROCKSTAR Karla!)
Make-Up Station: Merlize du Toit
Snacks: Two Chefs
Video: Desmond Denton
Press: Espresso Morning Show 

 Meet the Boss: This is Frits!!!


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