Jolindi + William | Wedding | Kilcairn | 20 December 2014

My last wedding for 2014! and man'o'man what a super happy way to end off such a successful year. Wedding season is in full swing and having shot almost 30 weddings in 2014 I am truly speechless of how abundantly blessed my photography business has become.

I am not much of a writer, because i choose my images to reflect the true essence of a couples' wedding day or engagement, but i want to take this opportunity just to look back over my last 2 wedding seasons, and upcoming in 2015.

Never have i ever guessed that the dream I envisioned of becoming a peoples photographer would actually become a reality.
Starting up my wedding and portraiture photography career in 2012, with not much, i rented all my equipment with high hopes, only one chance and bursting with enthusiasm I worked my butt off to be where I am today and this to me is only the beginning.

Reflecting back... nominated as one of the top 10 Elite Wedding photographers from South Africa in the annual Top Vendor Wedding awards I realized that O'heck the pressure is ON!! Such a big title to be participating in alongside all the amazing photographers who have been way longer in the industry than me! that being said... I cannot even begin to describe how humbled and honored I am for this opportunity.

But alas... it isn't about all the features, published work, recognition or how many likes my page has on Facebook... to me its all about the people investing in my creativity and giving me a chance to live out my number one passion in life. Believing in me and having trust in me to document the most precious moments in their lives. I just love people, and since I've been a little girl I always
knew that one day my job is going to be to make people happy, being creative and finding myself in every single image I take.

So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You! Thank You to each and every client over the years, not only did I have an amazing time capturing your timeless moments, but I have found such peace in my heart and happiness in my soul. Made new friends and gained respect from everyone who ever doubted me.

In 2015 I would love to give back is some way or another, host workshops so that I can teach aspiring
photographers some of my knowledge and to become more acquainted with all my fellow industry friends. To do more styled shoots, conceptualize new and fresh ideas, bring it to life! and take a holiday!! Holidays are good to bring back those creative juices ;)

Hope You enjoy Jolindi & William's beautiful Kilcairn Wedding, I will now let the images do the talking ^_^ Big Thanks to Samantha from STPhotography for being such a kikckass second shooter!



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