Jacques & Denise | One-Aversary Love Shoot | Cape Town

I am so excited to share this post with everyone!! Autumn & Spring are probably some of my most favorite Seasons of the year, rich and airy colors, perfect creamy soft light. Combine all of that with an adorable couple like Jacques & Denise and magic happens :) I am so blessed to meet the most awesome people in my career, people who are warm hearted and loving, friendly and up for any fun ideas, and that was just what happened when we got together to do my first ever One-Aversary photo shoot.

Now, let me explain... One-Aversary, are similar to a Cherish The Dress shoot, except its like recreating the couple shoot on your wedding day, but with a twist...

It happens on your first year Anniversary as husband & wife, celebrating your first year together and the many more to come. Dressing up in your wedding attire but with a relaxed feel like a pair of sneakers and wavy loose hair. You can bring in fun elements like quirky props and are not limited to poses, neither weary of making the bridal gown too dirty. but here's the twist... Its all about elegance and romance, keeping it stylish and all about you and your love for one-another. I think its such a cute idea, and quoting Denise " Dit voel asof ons weer Trou!!! "

I really enjoyed this beautiful Autumn afternoon with Jacques & Denise. They were so comfortable and clearly very much inlove ^_^ You are so precious and I'm glad I could capture your love for one another. enjoy these memories forever. 

 Hehe, I asked Jacques & Denise to do a serious look, didn't stay serious for long!! love it!!


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  1. Liewe Celeste, ons is MAL oor die foto's!! Jy het 'n God-gegewe gift, en ons is so bly om jou te kon ontmoet! Dankie dat jy ons liefde vir mekaar vasgevang het.. Dis 'n eternal geskenk!
    Baie liefde, Denise & Jacques *=)


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